A Lupus Confession: Fog in the Bathroom

After a long day at work, I had an appointment this afternoon. As soon as I got to the office, I needed to use the restroom. So I rushed in before an assistant came to guide me back to be seen. I get into the restroom and get ready. I was getting ready to tinkle. I’m holding the first flow and getting some tissue settled to wipe myself really, really clean. A nice clean wipe was what I was concentrating on as I was looking for the “little cup” to fill up. I was inquisitively looking around the restroom and trying not to experience bladder leakage at the same time.

I looked and turned and looked and wondered, “Where did I place the little pee-pee cup? I need to get out of here because the assistant is outside the door waiting on me to come out to guide me to my room.” Then all of a sudden I realized why I couldn’t find the little cup and its lid. I went ahead and finished my business. I then washed and dried my hands through my lupus fog.

Next, I proceeded to exit the restroom to meet back up with the assistant that was waiting to take me to my assigned waiting room for the doctor. I sat in the chair. The assistant placed the paper-based bib around me and proceeded to get the tools ready for my dentist to check my teeth.

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