I was reflecting on my next move, while swimming in a changing ‘mood.’ So I decided to do some quick objective soul searching. It was fun! Check out my results, then take the quiz for yourself.

Congratulations! You understand an important truth: Everyone feels fear. And, you know a key to success is not letting it control you. When you feel fear, you don’t let it stop you. With practice, you’ve developed the courage you need to move forward despite your fears. Your courage and confidence empower you to find the right path for you and stay the course when you encounter bumps on the road.

For more information:
My Results: Unstuck and Unstoppable!on quiz: DreamStarter Quiz
Check out Valorie’s free resource, 5 Ways to Keep Negative Thoughts from Spiraling Out of Control. Read Valorie’s book: Successful Women Think Differently

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