A PLSN In Your Corner And In Your State

What better way to tell the world–at least Greenville (NC), for now– that lupus is real than in a bright red Toyota Camry! The sign is small, yet the cause is strong: ‘I know SOMETHING about LUPUS! Do YOU?’ I’m alredcamryTLLways happy to #mobilize lupus awareness by bringing attention to the word ‘lupus’ itself. Before leaving the rental car lot a young person saw the sign and acknowledged acute awareness by stating to “kinda sorta” know something about #lupus. This moved me because I firmly believe that we have to start caring by sharing our knowledge about this confounded autoimmune disease. “It’s kind of like arthritis,” the person sadly continued, “and you get real stiff and stay sick all the time.” The person concluded while appearing not certain if what was said was completely correct.

I wasn’t asked, but I went ahead and paraphrased my version of what lupus is (to me). Of course some facts and other information were shared. Not knowing if it was a friend or the individual in front of me that was the ‘someone,’ I asked about local organizations to help people cope and manage. My eyes were disappointed as the answer was relayed with a head nod. I was fairly familiar that there is a Greenville, N.C. lupus support group, so I suggested a search online. Fearing that the conversation may be quickly dismissed as a meager encounter, I got out of the car and went back into the building. The moments of reflection in the car lead me to use my cellphone to do a quick search for some local information on lupus support groups. I relayed my search results with the disclaimer warning the individual continue to find out more. I hope this tidbit of information is shared with others, is what I played in my head as I proceeded to leave.

I am proud to know that there is a North Carolina Chapter of the national Lupus Foundation of America. I know that they too are doing their best to reach others in Greenville and all over the state of North Carolina. Help your local support groups help others afflicted with this disease. If you know someone that has lupus, please encourage them to locate a local support group and maybe even go with them! Personal Lupus Support Networks (PLSN) are always rewarding from all angles.

South Carolina has opportunities to help you build a Personal Lupus Support Network also! Contact the support group facilitators of Lupus Columbia SC at www.LupusCSC.org.  They will be more than happy to assist with lupus support group meeting times and activities.  Columbia and Greenville, there is this obscured, invisible autoimmune disease called #lupus lurking! Lupus is local, right here in Columbia, South Carolina and Greenville, North Carolina! I know something about it, and I’m quite sure you do too!

Find out more about lupus in North Carolina at http://www.lupus.org/northcarolina.
Find out more about lupus in South Carolina at http://www.lupuscsc.org

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