Delayed Day of Pain

I had a rough day yesterday.  It was one of those days where you start off to the airport at 7:00am, a wreck and heavy traffic allows you to have praise service in the car for almost two hours. By the time you get free to really drive faster than 6 mph, you have already missed you plane.  Of course I try my best to pack light and just have two carry ons.  It wasn’t going to happen on this 8 day stint of travel–whether I used the hotel dry cleaning services or not– I just couldn’t do it. I needed my “emergency” materials.

So of course this guy tries to cut me off at the rental car return location. Bless his heart, because we were on the same plane.  I was right after him at the customer service area. He was so dramatically upset inpatient with the representative.  Hey, there’s nothing else she can do but put you on standby. I refuse to let those little stresses add to my chest pain level.  But, my how mighty the controller of the keystroke is. Yes, courtesy and a smile when every time.  I got on the plane first– nay naaaanny na nah!

It was still one of those standby days. Dragged on long, tired of waiting. Keeping your spirit up.  I was so glad I had all my pain medicine (all of the major muscle relaxers, pain pills, and the variety).   Trying to make the most of your time during the rushing back and forth. My legs gave out on me a couple of times. I had to immediately site down — somewhere. I ate good. I had some cashews, some chocolate yogurt, a coke and some starburst candy.  See, that was good.  It matters, but it doesn’t matter. The rush and food in airports just make me dizzy. Too many people with germs breathing in the air. I’m tired of pretzels and water for quickies. I do my best to have a great meal before a flight and after a flight.

Well I mad it home at 12:30am! Woo hoo! Tired as rotten tree and went, or shall I say, fell to bed. Back up at 1:00am and back up at 7:00am.  Not too bad. I couldn’t sleep in because I got a meeting and have to get in the car to drive about 3 and a half hours to lower Georgia.  I need to go by the library to get me another book on tape.

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