The Lupus Lupe!

So what is “lupe?” According to the American Standard Dictionary, it means “a female given name.”  On the other hand, most Lupus patients call other Lupus patients fellow “lupies,” a nickname for someone diagnosed with Lupus (SLE). Cute.  I absolutely love the information age.  Although I refuse, at times, to look up a lot of things about my wonderful autoimmune disease — LUPUS.

I was looking for some inspiration this morning and decided to take a look at YouTube. Well as it should have it you find almost anything, right?  My inspiration for the morning came from an extraordinary young lady’s post about her living with Lupus.  Or shall I say, as I always do, about Lupus living with her!

I am so proud of the many people who choose to let Lupus or any other debilitating illness rule their life.  Don’t live with Lupus, let Lupus live with you! You pay the bills, not Lupus!

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2 thoughts on “The Lupus Lupe!

  1. I was diagnosed with lupus 6 years ago it’s not just a female who gets lupus I’m a54 Hispanic male I never new what lupus was its was hard in the beginning I’m always aching but I still go to work every day pain meds don’t really work and the meds that have steroids in them get me sick