I’m Hetlena “J. H.” Johnson and I have a passion for helping people learn how to not just live with lupus, but how to have lupus live with them.

Your life is full of experiences, enjoy them to the fullest!

Diary of a Mad Lupus Patient


Diagnosed with Lupus during her high school years, she decided to keep a personal diary of her confusion, fear, and challenges of being diagnosed with Lupus.  Her book, Diary of a Mad Lupus Patient: Shortness of Breath, is her journey through this turbulent period of her life.  It is her hope that this book along with her other books will help you through your journey as well.


Hetlena is a recognized speaker and trainer who has spoken across the country at educational conferences, community presentations for lupus patients, and medical conferences for health care providers.  She engages her audience with her infectious personality and her zest for living.  Learn more about her speaking topics and how to have her speak at your event.



Living with lupus and volunteering with the Lupus Foundation of America has given Hetlena a unique ability to help your organization with their advocacy efforts.  She is available to consult on community projects, lupus awareness, patient advocacy, and a variety of other topics to help your company or non-profit help those affected by lupus.