Job Title: Professional Lupus Patient

Maybe having lupus should include a job description?  Whether working, living, coping, struggling, or the beginning stages of learning about lupus, it takes a lot of energy and effort.  You have to prepare, schedule, review, review, review, adjust, practice, evaluate and do it all over again.  The experience of living with lupus is no small undertaking. I have discovered that having lupus is a ‘professional’ skill set to add to your resume: The ability to balance work, family, and health.

I have heard of people walking off a job because they didn’t like it. Or just quitting because you needed to or had a better offer somewhere else.  Yet, when it comes to juggling the daily demands of fighting for your life, that’s a job you just can’t quit. Besides, there’s no other “employment” opportunities in death.  I think this particular professional, Wendy Rodgers, pretty much specializes in the practice of being a lupus patient.  In a line from an article posted via, she relates “I had to give up my teaching career in favor of my new full-time job: trying to stay alive while waiting and hoping for a kidney transplant.” My resume may have a few different skill sets as it relates to living with lupus, but I definitely think that we may have attended the same job fair.  How’s that for the lupus network! Can you relate?


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