Keep Your Health To Yourself: Affordable Care Actions To Take Now

File top secret and lockTake your affordable car actions a step further by taking the time to care about your medical information.  As you make your physician visits throughout the year, take the time to take charge of your medical care.  You may want to keep your health, to yourself.  Many people, especially those diagnosed with lupus, need to make a plan to plan for the year ahead in terms of health care.

Here a few tips on being your own advocate:
1. Access as much information as possible.  Find out as much as you can before any appointments or surgeries. This can make the difference in your well-being and you being well by keeping up with regularly scheduled appointments.
2. Less is best.  It is not easy to find healthcare services that fits all of your needs.  And you want to be able to settle with the healthcare provider that provides the right services your insurance can afford.  It can be very frustrating and difficult finding quality healthcare services. Try to patronize providers that cater to your needs and all of your available financial resources.
3. Good health takes planning.  The many healthcare plans out there can be tempting and appear appropriate for your current needs.  But now, due to the wave of new opportunities the Affordable Care Act has produced for businesses, whether health professionals or not, there is a plethora of health plans being advertised.  Just like making a list before heading to the grocery store, make sure you shop to personalize your healthcare plan on paper before searching through the numerous programs and possibilities that you will continue to see even after open enrollment.
4. Guard your personal information.  With the onset of the Affordable Care Act, many people have taken it upon themselves to attend various community events providing free and open assistance.  Make sure now, and even after the close of enrollment, that you keep track of the personal information you have provided.  If you notice any changes in access to credit or even new health service features that you are not familiar with, contact your insurance provider immediately! Guard your personal healthcare information with your life –after all, isn’t your health just that?

Lupus is not an easy patient to shop for, let alone contend with.  There are many unpredictable symptoms that may need specialized attention.  Those diagnosed with lupus should personalize their healthcare. You should consider being your own advocate in terms of finding information on healthcare providers, medical services, drugs, and medical devices.

Still need help on finding the right coverage? Although open enrollment has ended, you can still find answers on how the new health care laws will affect you at

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