Living Beside The Pain And Symptoms

Making a decision to connect to your health and your health records can make a big difference from today to tomorrow. I had the opportunity to get my health records evaluated from not only a medical perspective, but from an “experienced” relationship. The information I received, when I allowed myself to ‘open’ up to what was on paper and what was in my heart–beside the pain and symptoms–was rewarding.

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2 thoughts on “Living Beside The Pain And Symptoms

  1. I don’t know if this is the right section to ask this but I’ll take my chances anyway.
    Hi Hetlena, I just want to ask if you ever tried using cannabis for pain management? I am 35 years old now and been battling lupus for almost half of my life now. I have read many articles suggesting highly concentrated cannabis oil can be effective and alternative meds for people suffering lupus. Pain and inflammation are two commonly recognized therapeutic properties of cannabis, so its ability to treat lupus effectively is not surprising. Like this review on a Northern Lights strain from This plant has very high CBD and pain suppresing effect. I am very familiar with the high and physical effects of cannabis but I cant find any solid evidence that it will work. Let me also hear your thoughts or personal experience when it come with medical marijuana. Thanks Daniel

    • Hi Daniel, I have not used (medically prescribed or unprescribed) cannabis. I have spoken with people, (medically prescribed and/or unprescribed) that have stated that it has offered some relief for their ailments —lupus related and other. I am not opposed for those suffering to try to find the right type of pain management for their health. One concern I have about it is the ability to function on a job under its influence. If you do give it a try, I would love to know your opinion of it and how well or not it performed. Good luck!