Lunges for Lupus


Lupus Lunge position (as best I could!)

My new health sessions are awesome! I was not very happy about having to start chiropractic treatments. Secretly, I just wanted the massages. But upon starting chiropractic treatments, I find myself very happy.

My initial exam and x-rays showed that my young hips were displaced–greatly displaced. My hips glowed about eight and a half inches uneven. The left side of my body is higher than the right. The image looked horrifying! Blessings have it that my insurance would pay for some, and I do mean some, of my treatment. Great!

Another blessing is that the time of my diagnosis coincides with a little flexibility in my work schedule. I can move my hours around to make sure I’m working full time to meet my bread and butter obligations. This was an awesome blessing. It’s hard to juggle so much around when it comes to medical appointments and work. You do not want to mess with your bread and butter!

Treatments of this kind are not for everyone, but if the body is able and the mind is focused, I say go for it! The therapeutic sessions for my hips and body was tough at first, but I am learning how to take better care of myself and my body. Lupus just had to come along for the ride! My hips are moving and my body is too! Here’s to more good days!

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