Meet Hetlena

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Meet Hetlena J. H. Johnson

Hetlena, admiringly called, J. H., was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, known unassumingly as Lupus, in early 1993.  The beginning of her walk with Lupus was painful and confusing.  

During her senior year in high school, J. H. was placed as a home-bound student.  This required her to finish her last year of high school education from the confinements of her bedroom.  Not discouraged, J. H. completed her senior year of high school with honors.

J. H. continues to share her tidbits of her remarkable journey with Lupus on her blog at She is the author of several books to include her soon to be released book entitled “Keeping Up With Lupus: A Digital Guide.” J. H.’s continued journey inspires those who know her to keep close to the heart, life’s ups and downs, happiness and trials.  She continues to see a physician regularly.  


The gift of a healthy life is not often received.   Yet, the art of loving the life that you have and the health that you can achieve, makes life all the more special. J. H., is indeed, a genuine example of a Lupus Warrior.