Smile and Forget Lupus, If Only for A Moment

As I was leaving work today, I remembered that I left something in my office. (As if my lupus would just let my mind be!) It just so happened that I had just said hello, in passing, to a familiar face. A young security guard that I often see when leaving the office late in the day. I was so relieved to see that she was still near the building. I waited for her to do her routine tasks, then asked if I may gain re-entry into the building to retrieve a few items. As I left the building, for the second time, she stopped me as I made my way out the door. We had quite an inspirational chat among strangers. She mentioned that she appreciated my spirit and my smile. She said, “you have such a nice attitude even at the end of the day.” I thanked her and returned the compliment.

We talked about how the attitude of not speaking, or simple non-responsive gestures, when passing someone near, can transfer such a negative vibe. Too much of that can become toxic to the spirit–especially if encountered all day, during the workday. In that moment, I realized that just because it is the end of the day doesn’t mean that it’s the end of your life.

Walk with a smile on your face, you just might start a new trend and pass a positive vibe!


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