Taking the Shuttle

I decided to take the shuttle to the airport today.  I thought it would be best since I still was not feeling well from my treatment this past weekend (yeah…haven’nt gotten up the nerves to post that experience yet).

imageEverything was going smooth. I got up at 3:00AM, although I went to bed at 11:30PM.  I was ready at 4:15AM. Yes I was!  The driver picked up another rider,  then all four of us hit the interstate.   The first passenger talked too much, bu hey I was working and enjoying the drive until…..urrrrkk! Traffic stopped not 40 minutes in route.

Passenger one freaked out and now I was a little nervous.  Oh well.  I stopped worrying too much about making flights about 150/90 and a sprained ankle from trying to catch a flight ago.

I’ll get there when i get there….safely!

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