Traveling Troubles

Traveling with a chronic illness can really take a stab at your mental strength. My biggest fear is arriving too late for the opportunity to take a nap. i need my rest. It is very hard on my body when I can’t stop to rest. A day in the life of travel can feel like a lifetime–or at minimum, like a very long day.

Wow. Delta is paying for a cab into Charlotte. I received an awesome $6 voucher that has to be used at the present airport. How wonderful that I might, just might, make it into the deep woods by 9:00pm before my relaxing two hour drive to my final location. And oh, that’s if I make it to my first destination and all connections are just that —connecting!

After a slumber, I can have a morning greeting of sunshine and tweeting birds. Then back into the saddle for a gracious one hour drive to smiling faces and a simple, yet inviting question and answer session. (For those who really know me, you have probably already deciphered this message.)

And to those who travel, on a consistent basis, for their livelihood, safe travels and God bless you!

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