We are still learning about Benlysta

I am so very happy to hear that Benlysta is working for you and “with” you. And I thank you for noting your experiences with the variety of drugs you have been challenged to take throughout your battles with lupus. I too have not had very much success with various medicines and drugs. For the past year and a half I have been obtaining monthly Benlysta infusions —with a few stops here and there. I have been fortunate that my insurance covers much of the duty required to have the honor of sitting in the chair and my local infusion center. I must say it is not small co-pay. It was not easy, at first, for me to accept obtaining treatment–both emotionally and financially–but that’s another story.

Although specific lupus markers for me have shown improvement, I physically, have not gotten any better. I am one of those placed on the conundrum side of living with lupus. Of course we know that lupus affects each and every one of us (diagnosed) differently. I took the time to review a few, not all, studies that revealed the fact that many African-Americans have not been represented in the studies well enough to prove any significant factor for drawing a conclusion. But again, treatments of any kind involve different variables of any means —backgrounds, ethnicities, positioned demographics, etc. So, I say I am so very glad that you have found some relief and movement forward. Thank you for inviting the opportunity for others to consider talking about this drug with their personal physicians. My bargaining with Benlysta can be seen in my blog at www.thelupusliar.com. My doctor would like for me to continue for a little while longer, just in case my body needs that extra time to accept the changes.

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