What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt Others

Sometimes, what you don’t know can not only hurt you, but hurt others as well.  Sandra Raymond, President and CEO of the Lupus Foundation of America, Inc., thank you for being so poised in your response to the Judge Judy interview.  It is sad, if not discomforting, when others shy away from understanding an illness by attacking only what “they know” from the outside.   Many of us know, from personal experience, that those who see without understanding or experiencing will have opinions that are distorted and misinterpreted. Thank you for not discrediting her, but instead, inviting her to learn more about this inexplicable disease.  We have to remember that many more are just as unfamiliar with lupus as demonstrated in her response; which was padded with the confused statement of “Sometimes she’s tired, but most of the time she gets up and does what she has to do.   Sometimes it’s debilitating, sometimes not.*” in the interview.   Even though her relative may have it, the relative may also be indifferent with what exactly this illness is doing to her and her family.

I believe we all know, quite well, that each affliction has a way of its own.  We have to educate and not discriminate based on a few imperfect words.  This reaction from a well-educated, well-known, respected and ‘experienced’ person, confirms, as you stated, that too many in our nation are unfamiliar with lupus and its impact on the quality of life.  We must continue to listen, share, research, learn, participate, and to motivate others to come to the conclusion that LUPUS is indeed real.   And it will be, until ‘WE‘ find a cure.

*[Interview:Judge Judy Sheindlin on taking personal responsibility; Published October 11, 2013 | The Kelly File | Megyn Kelly]

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