Whatever Lupus?

Have you made your LUPUS LOUD and clear? No, well here’s your chance! The deadline is TOMORROW! So do it NOW!

“Through this RFI, NIAMS invites feedback on the draft Action Plan for Lupus Research from researchers in academia and industry, health care professionals, patient advocates, representatives of health advocacy organizations, members of scientific or professional organizations, and other interested members of the public. Organizations are strongly encouraged to submit a single response that reflects the views of their organization and membership as a whole.
Please provide your comments and feedback. The final Action Plan for Lupus Research will be presented to the NIAMS Advisory Council and Lupus Federal Working Group, provided to the Congressional Lupus Caucus, and posted on the NIAMS website in Fall/Winter 2015.”
*Source: Posted from NIAMS at http://grants.nih.gov/…/gui…/notice-files/NOT-AR-15-018.html

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