You ‘May’ Click Into Action Now!

May is Lupus Awareness Month. It is so wonderful that many of us are now taking notice of a complicated and perplexed disease such as lupus.  I am so proud of everyone and anyone who has taken it upon themselves to support friends, family, and the community by participating in lupus awareness activities. The proclamations obtained in various counties, walks throughout the state, support groups and other lupus awarness achievements are beyond gold!Ribbon_Lupus_Advocacy

So what do we do now?  We may need to consider our end results. Utilizing our social media options–such as Facebook Likes, tweets, and tumblr to create and ‘click’ is encouraging. But, we need to move a few more steps further.  We can start with the same clicks! We need you to take your ‘Likes’ a step further. I challenge all of our lupus warriors, survivors, caregivers and supporters to make one more click towards legislative action.  We know lupus is here and real in the state of South Carolina. Yet, we need you to encourage your local officials and members of congress to get more involved in helping to improve the qaulity of life for those diagnosed with lupus and the people that carefor them.   You’ll like this! I won’t take but a click, or two, to move into action:

1. Encourage your Members of Congress to Sponsor the Patients’ Access to Treatments Act to help those in need.
2. Motivate your local officials to support funding for the National Institute of Health Access to prescriptions drugs that can help save lives and improve health of those with lupus and other life-threatening illnesses.
3. Urge your local Members of Congress to become a member of the Congressional Lupus Caucus.  South Carolina currently, does not have one member on this forum.

Utilize the Legislative Advocacy page ( provided by the Lupus Foundation of America (LFA) to  express your viewpoints! Advocate for change in the life of those afflicted with Lupus. Contact your local officials!

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