Did You Know That Young People are Diagnosed with Lupus Too?

Lupus is a disease that provides no warning to flares or illness that can shut the body down for weeks at a time. There are several medications and various different treatments that a person could take just to help maintain control of a disease that cannot be controlled. As a matter of fact, there is not cure for lupus. About 20% of youth are diagnosed with lupus before the age of 20. And women are 3 to 4 more times susceptible to being diagnosed between the ages of 15 and 40. For a young person, periods of weakness, heavy medication, and change in daily routine can be devastating. But for London M. Knight, lupus is only a pebble on her path to helping others.

Diagnosed in November of 2014, London has yet to find that perfect balance. She doesn’t let this stop her from helping others. As a SC state student in her junior year, she dedicates her time in helping others. She hopes to one day become an obstetrician/gynecologist.

IMG_5987Being active in several programs on campus, London continues to find that happy balance of living a full life as a budding college student while being diagnosed with a unpredictable disease. For instance, she is currently running for Miss SC State! Wow! I know I’d cast my vote for a young women that demonstrates the audacity to look past the pain and live life despite lupus. Good luck, London! You are forever a winner in my circle–lupus or not!  Click here to donate and support lupus research! 


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